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Remember her?  #america #american #theamandashow #amandashow #90stv #90s #nick  (Taken with Instagram)

Posted on October/11/2012
Tagged as: 90s, 90stv, amandashow, theamandashow, nick, american, america,

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Kall Me JuJi * Im Black As You Can See. Not A Party Person, "Juss Wanna Chill And Relax And We Aint Really Really Gotta Have Sex" Most Kall Me A Dyke Magnet ! My Top Petpieve : Answering A Question Sumone Asked Me. iLove It Wen : I Get Asked Questions ! In The Prosess Of Learing Creol. i Spend My Free Time Doing Things So I Can Tweet About Them And Searching For Pictures To Blog And Talking On The Phone So I Can Update My Status. (:
-I A M N O O N E . . . AND MUTHA FREAKAN' Proud.

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